Feminine hypnosis

Feminine hypnosis is a psychological tool for "reaching out" to our unconscious mind to reveal its contents so as to remove any conflict that exists between our unconscious and conscious mind. It is also a tool for understanding "the self" and can be practiced as a meditation technique to reach out to our unconscious mind and know the true purpose and motivation for our existence.

In psychology hypnosis is used as a method of therapeutic intervention but we can practice self hypnosis for increasing awareness of our own self for a better and true living. Hypnosis is in fact a scientific method which can help us in many ways like quitting our bad habits like smoking, managing weight control programs and managing feminization programs. Further feminine hypnosis is a very important tool for effective communication, self-motivation and management of competition at workplace.

To understand more about feminine hypnosis we need to study the following topics in depth

Dreams and Hypnosis:

This includes subtopics like what are dreams, what do we dream about, why do we dream, Freudian theory of dream which states that dreams are our unconscious wishes, Jung theory of dreams which talks about the collective unconscious archetypes and archetype elements, the biological perspective of dreams, hypnosis, the nature of hypnosis and theories of hypnosis and dreams.

Hypnotism in Detail:

This includes subtopics like history of hypnosis, home hypnosis by self study, the purpose of hypnosis technique, the power of hypnosis, feminine hypnosis, erotic Hypnosis, the power within and reading between the lines, trance formation with emphasis on neuro linguistic programming and the structure of hypnosis.

Hypnosis as treatment method:

This includes subtopics such as hypnosis therapy, hypnosis treatments, hypnosis suggestion, group therapy, hypnosis scripts and types of hypnosis therapies like stop smoking hypnosis and weight loss hypnosis etc.

Self Hypnosis:

This includes subtopics like setting-up the room for self hypnosis, desensitization, grounding, induction, progressive relaxation, deepening technique, convincer test, positive suggestions, formulation of proper suggestions, general suggestions, post-hypnotic suggestions, exit mechanisms and positive reinforcement mechanisms.

Feminine Hypnosis:

This includes subtopics like how to relax with different relaxation methods, the gaze method, the breathing method, the musical method, the action relaxation method, the desire for feminization, freedom from fears and blocks, mind feminization, body feminization, feminine sexual communication and eternal sexual communication.


How feminine hypnosis can help Women to help hold their own in the workplace-This topic includes subtopics like socialization’s influence on competition, toxic Vs healthy competition, hypnosis and self hypnosis for managing competition, exploring a client’s memories and internalized messages about competition, reframing a support for shift of perspective, managing visceral arousal, enhancing coping mindsets and strategies and developing protective buffers for highly competitive environments.

Hypnosis for motivation:

This includes subtopics such as training for peak performance and focus, motivation and team building, communication, crisis intervention, psychotherapy, goals setting, planning, meditation, unconscious mind programs that assist peak performance, happiness and creativity, emotional self management, personal motivation and communication in a team and the process of self hypnosis and biofeedback.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool which can make a profound impact to our existence. It can change the way we look at ourselves and the world. The unconscious human mind is far larger and greater than the limited conscious mind that we use for most of our life. Tapping the unconscious mind is the beginning of understanding "the self" and living a life which is true to our "self". Feminine Hypnosis is a technique which can open up the unlimited feminine creative energies that exist in our unconscious mind and this can lead to a balance of the feminine and masculine energies that exist within all of us.

Article by Sanjay Nair


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